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Kids Just Don’t Understand

July 6, 2016
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May 8, 2014
My Shaking Eyes
July 6, 2016

Kids Just Don't Understand

K “ids Just Don’t Understand” is the continuation of stories that encourage self-acceptance, self love, and the fight against Bullying through the life and adventures of her daughter, “Heaven”, and her quest to educate friends, family, and everyone about her genetic condition, “Albinism” (Little or no pigment in the hair, skin, or eyes). “Kids Just Don’t Understand” teaches “Heaven” a big lesson about facing her fears when meeting new people, while also instilling in parents to educate their kids about how people come in all shapes, colors and sizes. As a parent of a child born with Albinism, Elliott’s comprehension of the bullying her child was encountering because she was different was the catalyst to creating the “But Mommy It’s Not Fair!” series. Elliott realized that in order to make a change in kids, and people in general, she had to create something educational, yet kid-friendly to help bring to the forefront their Bullying tactics and the effects it has on people born different. With this series, she is doing that.

"This book is an excellent read for children and adults. I have now read all three books in the series. Kids, especially will be able to comprehend it's meaning and learn a valuable lesson..”

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