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But Mommy It’s not fair!

July 6, 2016
Gus the Yellow School Bus
July 6, 2016
June 18, 2017

But mommy it's not fair!

B ut Mommy is not fair" offers the world a glimpse into the life of her daughter "Heaven," who was born with a genetic condition called "Albinism," which is little to no pigment in the hair, skin, or eyes. This book appeals to children and audiences of all ages and serves as an educational forum to spearhead the anti-bullying message and the effects of Albinism as well as being different in general. "BUT MOMMY IT'S NOT FAIR!" has touched so many lives that Florida House Representative Dwight Bullard, District 118 has elected to use the books main character "Heaven" as the face behind the "Anti-Bullying Act" Amended Florida Statute 1006.147. House Bill 627 2012. Heaven’s mission is to help the world embrace the differences we all have inside of us.

"But Mommy its Not Fair" is an excellent life lesson and learning vehicle for children of all ages! This book is also an excellent tool for educators and for teaching on self esteem and anti bullying. As an author and a writer, it is an absolute pleasure to introduce this title to the literary world! If there was ever a need for values to be instilled into our nations children the time is now and some of those values are found within the contents of "But Mommy it's Not Fair!"

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