About Sherria Elliott

A native of Miami Beach Florida, Mrs. Elliott is the author of the children’s series “But Mommy It’s Not Fair!”. She is a loving wife, mother, social advocate and community activist committed to inspiring children and families affected by albinism and hypopigmentation, as well as an active supporter for legislation against bullying.
Elliott wanted to give her daughter as well as others stories that encourage self-acceptance, self-love, and the fight against bullying. Elliott says, “I am dedicated to bringing more attention to the lives of the children and their families affected by Albinism.
Our stories deserve to be heard and our children celebrated.” The phrase, "BUT MOMMY IT'S NOT FAIR!" is something that she’s heard her daughter say far too often and she saw the opportunity to take something hurtful and discouraging and turn it into something uplifting and encouraging.
"But Mommy, It's Not Fair" offers the world a glimpse into the life of her daughter "Heaven," who was born with a genetic condition called "Albinism," which is little to no pigment in the hair, skin, or eyes. This book appeals to children and audiences of all ages and serves as an educational forum to spearhead the anti-bullying message and the effects of Albinism as well as being different in general.
The stories have touched so many lives that Florida House Representative Dwight Bullard, District 118 has elected to use the books main character "Heaven" as the face behind the "Anti-Bullying Act" Amended Florida Statute 1006.147. House Bill 627 2012. Heaven’s mission is to help the world embrace the differences we all have inside of us.

With the spirit of an ambitious entrepreneur, Elliott founded 4Elliott Publishing, Inc. to discover and focus on the needs of her own projects as well as fellow authors in her market. 4Elliott Publishing, Inc. offers the services of a fully functioning publishing company. Along with her own publications, 4Elliott Publishing, Inc. will undoubtedly continue to grow and acquire new clients and produce phenomenal work

Sherria Elliott

Sheterria Elliott

Purpose & Motivation

T he vision for 4Elliott Publishing, Inc. grew from various obstacles that came about while attempting to get "But Mommy It's Not Fair" published. The lack of support and less than pleasant responses from publishers was frustrating. I owed it not only to myself and daughter to distribute this story of love and triumph, but to other families who would benefit from its life lessons. My daughter and I found a strong voice in the fight with albinism by getting the book out, now I can share some of that strength with others who have the same goal.